Target Shooting glasses


Increase your accuracy and level the competition with our range of  prescription target shooting glasses – for rifle, pistol and archery


The service received was outstanding and using my lens in target glasses for .22 and lens holder on my. 308 is certainly helping tighten my groupings. Totally recommended!

David Colegate

Product Range: Champion

Having being shooting for over 40 years across various disciplines ... I always considered myself having reasonably good eye sight... 

I recently acquired a pair of shooting glasses from J.H.Stewards and have been truly amazed with the results and how my personal scores have improved.

Dermot Mury

Product Range: Champion

Olympic Champion

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Improve your accuracy and level the competition with fingertip adjustability and a super-lightweight titanium frame

Single-Vision lenses sharpen your focus whilst taking aim and shooting. Bifocal lenses sharpen your focus on both nearby and far away objects.

Benefits of Bifocal Lenses

Target shooting competitors benefit from a second lens on the non-shooting eye, allowing clear focus when adjusting sights and marking scores.

Clay & Game Shooters benefit from a small region at the bottom of the lens which allows clear focus when re-loading and marking scores.