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Side Blinders for ZS-SPORT Side Blinders for ZS-SPORT
Side Blinders for ZS-SPORT £24.90
Enhance your focus by eliminating peripheral vision distractions such as movement or lighting changes. Compatible with ZS-SPORT glasses. Key Facts Eliminates peripheral vision distractions such as movement or lighting changes Effective for clay, trap and game shooting. Simple side-through attachment Protects eyes from the glare of the sun   Colour: Opaque/black Compatible with: ZS-SPORT
Free Eye Dominance Foil
Free Eye Dominance Foil £0.00
Overcome cross dominance and eye dominance with this FREE translucent stick-on foil. Fitting instructions included! IMPORTANT: We are only able to send 2x free dominance patches per shooter. Thank you for understanding. Key Facts For use with the ZS-SPORT while clay or game shooting. Useful for shooters with cross-eye dominance, as it forces your aiming eye to become dominant. Used to blur the central vision of the offending cross-dominant eye. Free for UK postage only. See our flip-up translucent blinder for a more flexible and effective way of managing eye dominance. Learn more about eye dominance when shooting.   Compatible with: ZS-SPORT
Order Replacement Lens
Order Replacement Lens £64.90
Update or replace your prescription lenses. For shooting glasses and rear sight lens holders. Replacement prescription lenses for ZS-SPORT, target shooting glasses and rear-sight lens holders. Our lenses are compatible with the following shooting glasses and rear lens holders: Champion shooting glasses Gehmann rear-sight 501 Anschutz rear-sight 9450 Knobloch, Mec, Gehmann shooting glasses ZS-SPORT - see details below. Select your lens material, according to your discipline. These materials provide the appropriate level of eye protection and shatter resistance for your chosen discipline Hardcoated plastic - for small-bore rifle and archery - £64.90 Plastic with reflection-free, hard coating - Air weapons and archery - £79.90 Polycarbonate lens - Full-bore rifle & black powder pistol - £79.90 ZS-SPORT Lens replacement We offer a lens replacement service for ZS-SPORT polycarbonate prescription lenses. Standard tint lenses - £115.90 Photochromic lenses - £185.90 All prices include Free return delivery (within the UK). After placing your order, we will be in touch to arrange postage of your frames to our Bristol store.

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