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Order new or replacement lenses for your shooting glasses and rear sight lens holders. From £49.90 - See full price list below.

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Order Replacement Lens

Update or replace your prescription lenses. For shooting glasses and rear sight lens holders.

Replacement prescription lenses for ZS-SPORT, target shooting glasses and rear-sight lens holders.

Our lenses are compatible with the following shooting glasses and rear lens holders:

      • Champion shooting glasses
      • Gehmann rear-sight 501
      • Anschutz rear-sight 9450
      • Knobloch, Mec, Gehmann shooting glasses
      • ZS-SPORT – see details below.

Select your lens material, according to your discipline. These materials provide the appropriate level of eye protection and shatter resistance for your chosen discipline

      • Hardcoated plastic – for small-bore rifle and archery – £49.90
      • Glass – for small-bore rifle and archery – £59.90
      • Plastic with reflection-free, hard coating – Air weapons and archery – £59.90
      • Polycarbonate lens – Full-bore rifle & black powder pistol – £59.90

ZS-SPORT Lens replacement

      • We offer a lens replacement service for ZS-SPORT prescription lenses.
      • Standard tint lenses – £89.90
      • Photochromic lenses – £159.90

All prices include Free return delivery (within the UK). After placing your order, we will be in touch to arrange postage of your frames to our Bristol store.


Order Replacement Lens


Free UK Delivery


Enter your order details and Add To Basket. See FAQs below.

Order Replacement Lens


Free UK Delivery

Your written prescription from your optician is a record of the visual correction that your eyesight requires. This will be noted with a series of numbers preceded by a plus (+) or minus (-) sign.

Minus (-) means you are short sighted (Myopic) i.e. you can see close up but objects viewed in the distance appear blurred. And plus (+) means you are long sighted (Hyperopic) i.e. objects viewed close up may be out of focus.

Astigmatism: This is where the curvature of the front surface of the eye is not perfectly round. Your vision will be blurred at most distances if the astigmatism is significant. A correction for astigmatism will be recorded in the ‘Cylinder’ and ‘Axis’ part of the prescription. Axis is simply an angle, at which the Cylindrical power of your lens sits. This angle is measured in degrees (1 degree to 180 degrees)

Presbyopia: This is where the lens inside your eyes loses its flexibility so that focusing on objects close up becomes difficult. It is part of the natural ageing process of the eye and usually affects people in their mid 40s. A correction for presbyopia will be recorded in the ‘Near’ and ‘Intermediate’ part of the prescription.

It is common to have no values for any one of the prescription sections, in which case you might see the letters “PL” or “plano” which means zero.

I don't have my prescription to hand, can I still order?
Yes!  If you do not have your prescription to hand, simply select "send later". After your order is completed, our team will be in touch to take your prescription details.
I am confused by my prescription, can you read it for me?

Yes, this is not a problem.

When ordering your glasses, you are asked for your prescription details.

Simply select "attach image", to send us a photo. We can then read your prescription from the paperwork.

Single-Vision lenses sharpen your focus whilst taking aim and shooting. Bifocal lenses sharpen your focus on both nearby and far away objects.

Benefits of Bifocal Lenses

Target shooting competitors benefit from a second lens on the non-shooting eye, allowing clear focus when adjusting sights and marking scores.

Clay & Game Shooters benefit from a small region at the bottom of the lens which allows clear focus when re-loading and marking scores.