Free Eye Dominance Foil


Manage cross dominance and eye dominance with this translucent stick-on foil. Instructions included!

 Free UK Delivery

Free Eye Dominance Foil

Overcome cross dominance and eye dominance with this FREE translucent stick-on foil. Fitting instructions included!

Key Facts

  • For use with the ZS-SPORT while clay or game shooting.
  • Useful for shooters with cross-eye dominance, as it forces your aiming eye to become dominant.
  • Used to blur the central vision of the offending cross-dominant eye.

Free for UK postage only.

See our flip-up translucent blinder for a more flexible and effective way of managing eye dominance.

Learn more about eye dominance when shooting.

Compatible with: ZS-SPORT


Free Eye Dominance Foil


Free UK Delivery



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