Bisley Attendance


We hold a trading location with eye testing facilities on the Bisley shooting estate in Brockwood. Here we provide shooing-specific eye testing and glasses fitting services.

Bisley Shooting Ground 17, 18, 20 July

We understand that many shooters are confused about which prescription glasses are right for their exact visual requirements. 

We are delighted to be back at Bisley for the first time for over a year! Book a FREE 20 minute consultation at our store at Bisley Shooting Ground.

We have limited slots, which are reserved on a first-come-first-serve basis. Click here to book your appointment! 

Single-Vision lenses sharpen your focus whilst taking aim and shooting. Bifocal lenses sharpen your focus on both nearby and far away objects.

Benefits of Bifocal Lenses

Target shooting competitors benefit from a second lens on the non-shooting eye, allowing clear focus when adjusting sights and marking scores.

Clay & Game Shooters benefit from a small region at the bottom of the lens which allows clear focus when re-loading and marking scores.