J.H. Steward (Bisley) Ltd has helped many thousands of shooters to improve their scores and get more out of their sport.

Discover why we exist, what makes the team tick and how it all started – over 160 years ago.

Many shooters don’t reach their full potential due to poor or deteriorating eyesight.

At JHS Eyewear, we know that the right prescription shooting glasses can revolutionise your performance, allowing you to shoot as reliably and accurately as possible.

Our mission

J H Steward (Bisley) Ltd has been delivering shooting optics for over 160 years.  A lot has changed in both the shooting and the ophthalmic world but our mission remains the same:

We exist to help shooters of all abilities and disciplines to maximise their potential, and get the most out of the sport they love


With over four decades of experience, our team understands the unique needs of shooters – whatever their discipline.

From commonwealth pentathletes to juniors and enthusiastic amateur shooters, we have helped thousands improve their performance and overcome visual frustrations. 

Whether you are a target shooter, archer, clay pigeon shooter or game hunter; our head optician Simon Goldsmith can help you find the right prescription glasses and accessories to keep you improving. Please get in touch if you have any questions or would like advice or assistance. 

Clay shooting at J.H. Steward Bisley
Archery at J.H. Steward Bisley
Pistol shooting at J.H. Steward Bisley
Rifle Shooing at J H Steward Bisley


At J H Steward we love hearing back from excited customers who write to let us know about the competition they just won or the joy they have found in improvement following years of stagnating or declining progress. See what our customers have to say.

Unsure if your eyesight is affecting your performance? Have a suggestion for useful guide or article?

We love to hear from you – get in touch to speak with our team or book a sports-vision shooting assessment.


We are proud to resell frames for junior shooters and those less able to afford prescription shooting glasses. Get in touch to see which second hand frames are available, or if you wish to re-sell glasses that have been grown out of/are no longer needed.

J.H. Steward at Bisley shooting ground


James Henry Steward established J H Steward Ltd in 1852. With his first opticians practice located on The Strand, he gained a reputation as a skilled manufacturer of optical, scientific, and nautical instruments.

Steward quickly became the primary optician to the Government, the National Rifle Association, and the National Artillery Association. The business remained in the family until 1972 when the founder’s great grandson finally decided to pass on the mantle. A long-standing employee approached his niece, Elizabeth Goldsmith and her husband Simon, who then took over both the business and a century-old commitment to helping shooters reach their full potential.

J.H. Steward (Bisley) Renamed

Today we continue to attend National Rifle Association meetings and hold a permanent trading location with eye testing facilities at Bisley Shooting Ground, Brookwood (home to the NRA). See our calendar of shooting meets here. 

J.H. Steward (Bisley) Ltd is now serves shooters from around the world under the new name of JHS Eyewear.

Eye Dominance Guide

Over 30% of shooters suffer from eye dominance. This condition can greatly limit your accuracy, performance and enjoyment. This guide will help you understand, test for, and overcome eye dominance.

Get more from the sport you love.

Improve your accuracy
Prescription Shooting Glasses for Clay Shooting  From J.H. Steward

Clay & Game

Improve your performance and scores with our range of prescription tints

Champion Target Prescription Shooting Glasses

Target Shooting

Regain focus on your foresight, rearsight and target with our prescription shooting glasses

Prescription Shooting Accessories  from J.H.Steward


Overcome eye dominance and improve your accuracy with our range of visual accessories

Single-Vision lenses sharpen your focus whilst taking aim and shooting. Bifocal lenses sharpen your focus on both nearby and far away objects.

Benefits of Bifocal Lenses

Target shooting competitors benefit from a second lens on the non-shooting eye, allowing clear focus when adjusting sights and marking scores.

Clay & Game Shooters benefit from a small region at the bottom of the lens which allows clear focus when re-loading and marking scores.