Formerly Carl Zeiss shooting glasses – Now ZS-Sport

Product Update

We are pleased to release our range of ZS-SPORT prescription shooting glasses. Formerly known as Carl Zeiss Shooting Glasses frames, our updated range has proven to be highly effective and popular with both clay and game shooters.


Introducing the ZS-SPORT (Formerly Zeiss Shooting Glasses)

Prescription clay and game shooting glasses can revolutionise your performance, whether you shoot game, trap, skeet or sporting clays.

Our range of specialist tints improve clay contrast – whatever the lighting conditions.

Many shooters suffer from deteriorating eyesight with age.

We know this greatly reduces accuracy, performance, and enjoyment of your sport. Our high-precision, prescription lenses and frames return clarity to your sight picture.

Carl Zeiss Shooting Glasses

We understand the frustration when shooting in varying light conditions.

Bright light, low cloud cover, and varying backgrounds greatly alter the contrast of your clays or live target. The broad range of tints offered by the ZS-SPORT (formerly Carl Zeiss Shooting Glasses frames) helps you maintain contrast and accuracy in all weather and lighting conditions.

Carl zeiss shooting glasses prescription

As seen on ShootingUK, the ZS-SPORT has been well received by shooters around the world who are looking to overcome eyesight limitations.

Which frame and Tint?

The correct tint (or lens colour) can revolutionise your performance, restoring and enhancing the accuracy and clarity in every lighting condition.

Discover how our range of frames and tints can help you to maintain your edge and level the competition.

Purple Carl Zeiss Shooting Glasses frames

ZS-SPORT – Purple

Our most popular tint, the purple lenses are designed to enhance trap shooting – increasing clay contrast against a green backdrop.

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Carl Zeiss Shooting Glasses Frames

ZS-SPORT – Yellow

A favourite among both clay and game shooters, brightening your view at dawn and dusk, and on hazy overcast days.

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Carl Zeiss Shooting Glasses Frames

ZS-SPORT – Target Orange

Perfect for cloudy days, these lenses block out blue light and improve depth perception, making it easier to maintain focus on the clay.

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Red Carl Zeiss Shooting Glasses Frames

ZS-SPORT – Vermilion Red

Perfect for shooting orange clays in intense bright light. Especially effective for tired eyes, these glasses will help you perform better, for longer.

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Brown Carl Zeiss Shooting Glasses

ZS-SPORT – Brown

Ideal for bright, sunny days and for shooting in open spaces. These glasses reduce the glare of the sun and help prevent eye strain so you can stay focused and alert.

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Photochomic Carl Zeiss Shooting Glasses

ZS-SPORT – Photochromic

We offer three photochromic lenses for the ZS-Sport. These lenses adapt to different light conditions, automatically adjusting the colour of the tint.

A great choice if you want a single pair of adaptable glasses for use all day in changing light conditions.

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Clay and game shooters regularly use the ZS-SPORT to overcome eye dominance issues, by pairing with our range of specialist shooting accessories. Please get in touch if you would like assistance with anything discussed in this post.


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Single-Vision lenses sharpen your focus whilst taking aim and shooting. Bifocal lenses sharpen your focus on both nearby and far away objects.

Benefits of Bifocal Lenses

Target shooting competitors benefit from a second lens on the non-shooting eye, allowing clear focus when adjusting sights and marking scores.

Clay & Game Shooters benefit from a small region at the bottom of the lens which allows clear focus when re-loading and marking scores.